It's So Cold In Canada And The U.S., Niagara Falls Is Frozen (Photos & Videos)

Even the Falls have given up and given in to the outrageous cold.
It's So Cold In Canada And The U.S., Niagara Falls Is Frozen (Photos & Videos)

Not that we didn't already know it's friggen freezing outside, but Niagara Falls has just made it official.

The Falls have started to freeze over, especially on the New York side, and these pictures and videos are amazing.

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TL;DR It is so cold Niagara Falls has officially started to freeze up. Below are pictures and videos captured at the Falls, both Canadian and American sides.

Due to freezing temperatures across the region, both sides of Niagara Falls have seen serious ice.

This is a broken fire hydrant in Niagara Falls...

January 21, 2019

The base of the Falls looks just about ready to ice over.

If the Falls weren't right there that would be the sickest, most Canadian place to play a round of shinny ever.

But it's not just the base...

The top of the falls is accumulating ice quickly, too.

The Canadian side is still flowing steadily, despite there being tons of ice flowing over the edge.

The American side, however, is starting to see a slow down in flow as the ice continues to accumulate.

It is truly is a stunning sight...

I've only ever had the chance to visit Niagara Falls during the summer, so I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of these insane views.

The last time the Falls completely froze over was in 1912, when only a small trickle of water poked through the ice.

The Falls have "iced-up" considerably only a handful of times, including the winters of 2017 and 2014.

The guy below even took the time to go under the Falls to catch the view from below...

It's actually insane, I feel like he's in the Revenant or something.

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If you're aching to go take the Falls in, stay warm and try not to slide in, cause as we all know, it's beyond cold out there today.