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Jacob Hoggard Admits Sexual Misconduct And Steps Away From Hedley

The band is on hiatus indefinitely.
Jacob Hoggard Admits Sexual Misconduct And Steps Away From Hedley

Finally, #TimesUp for Hedley singer, Jacob Hoggard.

The allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding Hoggard are no longer just news stories. They've become hard facts. 

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Last night, Jacob  Hoggard took to social media to admit to his discretions, but only sort of. He has also announced that after Hedley finishes their current tour - that is if no more venues cancel on them - he will be stepping away from the spotlight indefinitely.

March 1, 2018

Jacob Hoggard claims that despite the allegations,he has never engaged in non-consensual sex. It seems that he may have forgotten that consent can be withdrawn from any person before, or during a sexual interaction - which is exactly what women are saying against the Hedley singer

He has come forward and owned up to his misogynistic behaviour and called his treatment of women "reckless." 

Calgary based radio host Katie Summers spoke about her own experience with Hoggard 7 years ago, where the singer grabbed her inappropriately after an interview. You can see what she had to say below. 

So, there you have it. The downfall of Hedley is here and #TimesUp for Jacob Hoggard - but at least he knows this too.

Hopefully, stepping away and getting the "help" he needs will allow him to grow and learn from this, and that other men in and out of the spotlight pay attention to the reaction of the world very clearly.

On another related note, Lizzie Renaud, a Toronto tattoo artist and friend of Hoggard for 13 years is offering fans of Hedley free coverups if they have inked their love for the band into their skin, and may no longer want to have that with them.

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