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Jagmeet Singh Is Coming To Quebec Next Week

Find out where you can meet him.
Jagmeet Singh Is Coming To Quebec Next Week

Jagmeet Singh, the new Canadian politician everyone is happily chatting about (sorry, Justin) is heading into Quebec next week. 

Venturing just outside of Montreal for the first time as NDP leader, Singh will be visiting Saguenay next Tuesday, reports Journal Metro

Singh’s arrival into Saguenay coincides with an upcoming election for the riding of Lac-Saint-Jean. NDP candidate Gisele Dallaire is in the running and Singh will be in Saguenay to support his fellow party member. 

The by-election will occur on October 23rd. 

But while this particular trip into Quebec is technically about a by-election, it will also be something of a test for Singh. 

Quebec is seen as Singh’s largest obstacle in becoming the future Prime Minister. As a practising Sikh, secularists in Quebec have had an issue with Singh, who wears a turban, a piece of religious attire. 

If Singh can garner support and make a splash in Saguenay, a typical small(ish) town in Quebec, then the political leader may have a chance of winning other municipalities in the province. 

Guess we’ll find out next Tuesday.  

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