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Jagmeet Singh Is "Completely Opposed" To Quebec's New "Face Veil Ban"

Jagmeet Singh, leader of the NDP, isn’t a fan of Quebec’s newly enacted Bill 62, otherwise known as the “burka ban.”

Actually, Singh is “completely opposed” to the bill, reports CBC, which prevents women from wearing face-covering religious attire (e.g. burka, niqab) when accessing public services or public transit. 

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Bill 62 was passed yesterday in Quebec's National Assembly. 

Singh sees the bill, which is supposed to reinforce religious neutrality in Quebec, as a violation of basic human rights. 

But Singh is hopeful. The NDP leader is “confident in the existing protections that are in place in Quebec that will protect human rights," alluding to a legal challenge that could overturn the bill. 

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard doesn’t think Bill 62 infringes on basic human rights. According to Couillard, the bill was made with both Quebec and Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms in mind. 

Stéphanie Vallé, Quebec’s justice minister, has said the same, that Bill 62 doesn’t infringe on the rights of Quebec citizens. 

Singh doesn’t agree, and called out Vallé, saying that “from time to time, we see ministers who make mistakes, who say something is right, but it turns out not to be the truth,” reports the National Post

We’ll have to see if Singh’s prediction becomes a reality, and if the NDP leader’s statements lose him favour in Quebec ridings. 

Meanwhile, the Bill 62 story has become international news. Reports are coming in from the New York Times, BBC, Dagens Nyheter from Sweden, among many others.

Congratulations, Quebec, you’re in the media spotlight… for all the wrong reasons. 

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