Jagmeet Singh Poses For Photo Without Turban And His Hair Is Truly Majestic

The current leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, Jagmeet Singh, is a proud Sikh who grew up in Scarborough, Ontario, after spending some time with his grandparents in Newfoundland. 

He's received widespread support, not only for being the first person of a visible minority appointed as leader of a major Canadian federal political party as a permanent position, but also for his outspoken position on social and environmental issues.

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The NDP leader is now gaining attention for shedding his turban while posing for a photo with Montreal writer Frédéric Bérard earlier this week. So far, the comments are only positive, and I completely understand why.

Check out the photo below.

TL;DR A photo has surfaced of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh without his turban and people are loving his truly impressive mane.

Not only does Jagmeet's hair make me completely jealous and feel like I need to go to the salon, like, YESTERDAY... it's also started a wave of hilarious and beautiful comparisons.

The guy above compares Jagmeet's luscious locks to those of metal singer Tommy Araya of the band Slayer. 

One response echoed my first thought: Kahl Drogo, played by Jason Momoa. 

Honestly, his hair rivals some of the best hair in the game.

Which, in my opinion, belongs to the one and only Jameela Jamil.

Our girl Lilly Singh can also boast Best Hair in Late Night.

I mean, look at these locks!!!

At the end of the day, though, Jagmeet's politics are just as important (well, probably more important) as his beautiful smile and the perfect natural wave of his tumbling hair.