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Japan Is Inviting Young People In Canada To Live There For A Year And It Only Takes One Week To Get A Free Visa

All hail international agreements.
Japan Is Inviting Young People In Canada To Live There For A Year And It Only Takes One Week To Get A Free Visa

The government of Canada actually has a super helpful, well-designed website that gives information to Canadians that are interested in going abroad. As the winter semester is gradually approaching its end, this website is going to be really useful for students looking to go abroad.

While perusing the website, we found that getting a "working holiday" visa to Japan was really easy — and it lets you stay in the land of the rising sun for up to a year.

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TL;DR You can get a "working-holiday" visa for Japan in a week, and it lets you stay in Japan for up to a year.

The website offers helpful information for many countries around the world, informing would-be travellers on fun facts about the country and what visa travellers need in order to go abroad.

To go to Japan on a working-holiday visa, you need to 

  • be between 18-30 years of age,
  • be a Canadian citizen,
  • live in Canada when you apply and
  • have a valid Canadian passport.

You don't even need a pre-arranged job or internship offer when you apply. The visa lets you stay in the country for up to a year, which leaves you plenty of time to find a gig to sustain you.

Finding a job in Japan may be less difficult than you think. The ageing population of Japan has left a void in the labour market, and the government is seeking skilled and unskilled workers.

But the Japanese embassy makes clear that "the applicants’ primary purpose of stay should be to “holiday” in Japan. Therefore, applicants who intend primarily to work cannot apply for this visa."

You can join the Japan Exchange and Teaching program, which "offers university graduates full-time job opportunities as assistant language teachers or as coordinators of international relations."

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Getting a visa should be pretty easy. The embassy of Japan in Canada states on their website that visas only take around one week to process. 

This is the perfect way to travel this summer, while still making money.

Read more about the Working Holiday Visa here! Read more about living and working in Japan here!

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