Montreal Is Opening A “Beer Garden” This Summer

Summer can't come soon enough.
Montreal Is Opening A “Beer Garden” This Summer

With spring nearly here (ten days people!) Montreal now enters the part of the year I like to call "summer hype time."

Basically, this is not-quite-brief annual period is when all of the exciting features of the summer season (events, installations, festivals) are announced. And since Montreal loves to do it big once it gets sunny, there are more than a few announcements to make.

Well, lets get the ball rolling with our first of many summer hype bulletins: Montreal's downtown beer garden, Jardin Gamelin, is returning this May.

Inaugurated in summer 2015, Jardin Gamelin is the open-air bar/restaurant/event space that takes over Place Émilie-Gamelin right outside of Berri-QUAM station.

The same basic setup is being utilized for Jardin Gamelin's 2016 summer season, with an outdoor patio and a bar-cafe combo housed within the beer garden's grounds.

Also making its return to Jardin Gamelin will be the event space's iconic suspended sculpture, 1.26 by Janet Echelman. Literally floating above the site, 1.26 will light up the night sky with its multicoloured display as soon as the sun goes down, every single night Jardin Gamelin is open.

But while the decor and design will remain relatively the same, you can expect a new selection of tasty dishes to enjoy all summer long, as a new chef will be preparing the menu this year.

Jardin Gamelin will make its return to Downtown Montreal on May 12, open every day until 11pm. The beer garden's season is set to end on October 2nd, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the outdoor space all summer long.

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