Jardin Gamelin Is Hosting Their Last Party Of The Year This Weekend

In case you haven't had a chance to check it our this year, this weekend will be your final chance to attend a Jardin Gamelin party. 

The place that brought us parties, concerts, food-fests, BBQs, massive wall projections, giant net sculptured and a ton of excitement is ending the season with one of their biggest parties yet.

They're not only having a BBQ, they're having a "Festive BBQ". Not exactly sure what that is  and they don't really mention it on Facebook so I'll just assume its a BBQ where the people seem slightly happier. (Hooray for assumptions)

Sentier Urbain will be holding their agricultural workshops where you can learn everything about growing plants, caring for them and even cooking and healing with them.

But that's not all, UQAM will also he holding a huge public farmer's market and there will be an outdoor Karaoke party so you can embarrass yourself in front of hundreds of strangers.

The party is this Sunday (Oct.4th). Hope to see you there!

Check our their Facebook page for more info.