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Jason Momoa Has Shaved His Beard And He's Unrecognizable Now

We can't believe this!
Jason Momoa Has Shaved His Beard And He's Unrecognizable Now

Jason Momoa, star of Game of Thrones and Aquaman, has shaved his beard and we're not okay. The famed actor is known for his luscious locks and thick beard. He shaved his beard in the middle of the desert to promote recycling.

Honestly, I'm not even normally a beard kind of gal, but this news is heartbreaking. Almost as heartbreaking as the fact that people care more about his beard than the issue the actor wants to promote. I'm not the only one freaking out about this: all of Twitter is mourning the loss of the Momoa beard.

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TL;DR To promote recycling, Jason Momoa has shaved his beard off. The rugged actor wants to spotlight the importance of recycling.

Momoa shaved his beard in the middle of a plastic-filled desert. He explains that he is pulling this stunt to promote recycling. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that he just realised how much bacteria there are in beards.

Momoa states in the video, 'last time I shaved was in 2012'. Honestly, though I loved his beard, beardless Momoa is pretty damn handsome too.

For reference, this is what Momoa looked like the last time he shaved his beard:

[rebelmouse-image 26893361 photo_credit="ID 30570419 \u00a9 Sbukley |" expand=1 original_size="1825x2738"] ID 30570419 © Sbukley |

Twitter has very mixed opinions about the new look.

Some of the reactions show that people are into the new look, but of course, we will lament the loss of his beautiful luscious beard forever.

I love all of these reactions. 

The fact that he did this to raise awareness for a good cause is super commendable, and I hope more celebrities jump on the eco-train.

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