Jay-Z & Beyoncé To Skip Montreal On New Tour

No On The Run tour performance for Montreal.
Jay-Z & Beyoncé To Skip Montreal On New Tour

Yesterday, music power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z made the announcement of the year: the two will performing together as part of the "On The Run Tour" starting June 25th.

The only problem is, Montreal is nowhere to be found on the list of tour stops.

Now, it would be one thing if the dynamic duo ignored all of Canada, but Toronto and Winnipeg are being graced with their presence. Toronto is one thing, but Winnipeg? Over Montreal? Come on now, BJ (their new celebrity name) should know better.

If you need to see Queen B and Jay-Z rocking the stage, your best bet is actually to go to the show in Foxborough, Massachusets, which is about five and half hours away by car. A bit closer than Toronto, and at least its more of a legit road trip if you leave the country.

You wouldn't need to travel at all only if BJ recognized Montreal as the best city in Canada. I'm sure they will learn their lesson.

See the full list on Beyonce's website

Are you pissed Montreal got snubbed?

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