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Jennifer Aniston Implies On Ellen That A FRIENDS Reunion Might Actually Happen

My dreams are coming true.
Jennifer Aniston Implies On Ellen That A FRIENDS Reunion Might Actually Happen

I honestly can't think of anything I would love more than a FRIENDS reunion. If there is a show that I can re-watch over and over again, it's FRIENDS... but to get a new episode?! I would cry.

And while the cast is always asked about reprising their roles, there's never been any indication that anyone was actually doing someone to make it happen.

But this new video of Jennifer Aniston talking to Ellen about the potential of a FRIENDS reunion has officially given me hope.

The closest we've ever gotten to a reunion is the Jimmy Kimmel reproduction that happened on the 20th anniversary of the show's beginning that happened 2014.

While it definitely wasn't bad, there were obviously a couple important people missing. Which makes sense, considering that getting these six actors together again would require a lot of scheduling to ensure they were all available. But if everyone is willing, then what's the hold-up?!

The video below shows Jennifer Aniston talking to Ellen DeGeneres on her show, implying that all six cast members would totally be on board.

The episode of Ellen featuring Jennifer Aniston, which is airing tonight, will feature this little conversation that confirms Jenn is totally on board and willing to do a reunion.

Now, we don't know what kind of reunion, of course... if it would be a one-hour special kind of deal or even a feature-length movie, but the potential is almost more than I can handle.

To be honest, thinking about it has me wondering what kind of story they would tell. Would they focus on the group's kids? Or on their own lives still? 

I mean, it would definitely be cool to know what the group of six was up to these days and how their lives had changed.

Did Joey ever find a girl? Have Ross and Rachel managed to keep it together, no breaks?!

They honestly better give us this reunion or I'll be so depressed. I'm okay even if we have to wait for the next anniversary is 2024. As long as it comes before I die...

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