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Jennifer Lawrence Is Officially Moving To Downtown Montreal

A real Hollywood celeb you can spot in the city.
Jennifer Lawrence Is Officially Moving To Downtown Montreal

Montreal has a reputation for being nice.

So it would have been pretty weird if we got international attention for evicting a beloved Hollywood celebrity.

You may remember the story back in June when Jennifer Lawrence came to town to film the untitled Darren Aronovsky Movie.

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The owners of a condo on the corner of Simpson and Sherbrooke wanted to rent their place to the actress for 3 months, but the building does not allow rental shorter than a year, so the co-owners of the condo filed an injunction to have her evicted.

Check out all the details here:

Jennifer Lawrence Allegedly Getting Kicked Out Of Her Apartment In Montreal

The co-owners of the condo also complained that because Lawrence had a body guard, an assistant, and a driver, they would disturb the peace in the building.

However the judge ruled that there is no reason to assume her employees would cause problems.

The complaints were deemed to be unjustified and Jennifer Lawrence will be allowed to stay in Montreal.


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