Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, & Hugh Jackman Are Coming Back To Montreal!

Montreal hasn't said goodbye to the sexy starlet-superheroes known as the X-Men quite yet, as the merry band of mutants will return to the city for yet another film in the mega-franchise, meaning all the breathtaking actors who make up the cast may also be coming back to wow our eyes with beauty.

While it may seem a little early to confirm yet another X-Men movie, given that the latest installment (X-Men: Apocalypse) won't hit theatres 'til next May, the rumours have swirled long enough all but to confirm a new X-Men film.

Various sources cite the release date to be July 13th, 2018 for the next untitled X-film, which will be directed by Bryan Singer and according to the Journal de Montreal, the franchise will once again be filming in Montreal.

Michel Trudel, the president of Mel Studios, where the yet-to-be-released X-Men: Apocalypse was filmed, was quoted by JdeM, saying "it was a miracle that we managed to attract a movie X-Men in Montreal in 2013. To convince Fox to return for a second and now a third is simply amazing."

Other than the awesomeness of having another amazing X-Men movie in theatres, why are we super pumped? Because a new X-Men film means we could see Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and all the other sexy mutants roaming the streets of Montreal once more. Life is good .

In truth, none of the actors above are attached to a new X-movie yet but it isn't much of a stretch to believe they'll be reprising their roles. Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine since forever after all, and if Apocalypse does really well (we know it will) the franchise/studio will definitely have enough money to convince the cast to come back.

Speaking of the muscle-tastic Hugh Jackman/Wolverine, he will be coming back to Montreal quite soon. X-Men: Apocalypse requires some re-shoots, a few of which will be featuring the Jackman, so expect to see the Wolverine around the city sometime between January and March.