Jennifer Lawrence Visits Montreal's Children's Hospital

And the pictures will warm your heart.

If you've been alive and breathing in Montreal this summer then you know that the cast of X-Men are here once again, filming the newest instalment of the massive franchise. And this past Friday, Mystique, aka Jennifer Lawrence, took time out of her day to visit Montreal's Shriners Hospital for Children. As if we didn't love her enough already! She met with the staff, spent time with the kids, posed for pictures, and even signed some casts.

The X-Men cast have not been strangers to helping out the Montreal community while they're here filming. During the shoot for their last film, Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine, donated $10,000 to the children's hospital. So they're welcome back any time in my books.

The Shriner's Hospital posted a few pictures on their Facebook page of Jennifer's visit, saying that everyone had a great time with their very special guest.

Check out the rest of the photos here:

Photo Cred - Shriners Hospital For Children

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