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Jimmy Kimmel Calls Kanye West A "Jerk" To His Face

The great Jimmy Kimmel Vs Kanye West debate 2013 finally comes full circle.
Jimmy Kimmel Calls Kanye West A "Jerk" To His Face

Kimmy Kimmel Vs Kanye West Which translates to "Akon" in Pig Latin feud / Twitter battle all clashed tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It was probably the most anticipated episode in the late nights` show history and it did not disappoint. Quite a few sketchy moments arrised such as the highlight when Mr. Kimmel called Kanye a "Jerk" on live televison. A tense moment perhaps? Yes, yes it was indeed. Watch it right here. Too far? Or was it on point with all of Wests` past behavior and public actions and reactions. Let us know what you think Montreal.

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