Jobs You Can Get Hired For That Will Let You Travel The World

Making money and having fun doing it.
Jobs You Can Get Hired For That Will Let You Travel The World

Are you sick of the same routine every day? Do you wish you could travel the world instead and visit different countries without having to worry about coming home broke at the end of it? That lifestyle may seem to be reserved for the eternal back packers (and being a backpacker is only cool when you're young), the globe trotting businessmen and the trusts fund babies.

But there are plenty of jobs where you can travel the world while making money instead of spending it. So here a few career options you may already be qualified for that will help you live the life you want.

1. Tourist Guide

There are tons of tourism jobs you can get around the world. Part of the training at the Institut de Tourisme et d'Hotellerie du Quebec includes being put to work in a hotel in a different country. You can also use the skills you already have (perhaps you already know how to ski or scuba dive) to find work in other countries. You can also work in various resorts like Club Med and just organize activities and give guided tours.

ITHQ's Website

Club Med Career opportunities

2. Flight Attendant

The beauty of this job is that you don't need any experience or special requirements. No special cegep classes to take and no unpaid internships to suffer through. You just apply for an interview and if you pass they will train you.

You'll definitely be seeing a lot of cool places when you're working but you may not have time to enjoy these places while on duty. luckily for you the traveling benefits you earn as a flight attendant (I should really be calling them "Flight Comfort Engineers") will allow you to see the world.

Check out this flight attendant training program.

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3. Interpreter

Face it, you;re from Montreal so chances are you already know more than one language (and we realize it may not be French) Interpreters are often need during international business negotiations, in courtrooms, hospitals, schools and conference centers. Translators also have the opportunity to work from home. (which means that you can work from just about anywhere)

A quick Google search will show you all the training programs available in Montreal

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4. Roady - Light/Sound Technician

You ever dreamed of touring the country with a legendary rock-band? well you probably won't be able to do that for a years, but there are plenty of mediocre bands touring who also need you to help them look and sound good. After a few good gigs you may be lucky enough to work on a world tour!

Check out Trebas Institute for more information

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5. English Teacher

If you're reading this sentence at this very moment, I have some great news for you: you speak English. Awesome! But a lot of people around the world don't speak English and they need you to teach them. Depending on your contract you could spend up to a year at a time teaching English in another country.

Check out Concordia University's program for teaching English as a second language.