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Joe Beef To Open A Secret New Wine Bar In Montreal

Stop and smell the rosé.
Joe Beef To Open A Secret New Wine Bar In Montreal

Attention Montreal foodies, we have a new wine bar coming to town. The team behind this project is none other than the creators of Joe Beef, Liverpool House and Le Vin Papillon. They are set to open their newest addition this winter, and they're calling it "Mon Lapin".

For all of you wine lovers, this is really good news.

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According to an article by Eater, Mon Lapin will be situated in Little Italy, on St-Zotique Street, in a spot previously occupied by Moroccan restaurant K'Moon.

via @entertainerza

There is not much information circulating about exactly what to expect from this new spot. But, although we don't have all of the fine details just yet, we do know that the group will focusing on serving natural wines and creating a cozy atmosphere for everyone to fall in love with.

via @edmund_allenby_ba

We're just going to have to sit tight in the meantime. But, one thing we know for sure is that if it's anything like their previous projects, we definitely have something to look forward too.

Mon Lapin is set to open sometime this winter, so keep your eyes peeled!

Check out their Instagram.

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