Joe Jonas Spotted With His Girlfriend In Montreal

Guys, I have some huge news for you. In fact, I think this is the most exciting this to happen to Montreal all year. You may think I'm being a little dramatic about this but guys, Joe Jonas was spotted in Montreal!! 

If you don't believe me here's the proof. He hung out at the Old Montreal Mandy's Salad shop and took photos with all the workers just yesterday!

via @mandysalads

The reason he's in our awesome city is because his girlfriend, Sophie Turner the star in Game Of Thrones, is here filming a movie. They've been roaming the streets together looking super cute and taking pics with tons of fans.

via @0hneat

Keep your eyes peeled when you're downtown to catch a glimpse of this heartthrob! Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll snap a pic with you next!

via @got.gram