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Josh Hartnett Spotted Downtown Montreal (Photos)

Josh Hartnett Spotted Downtown Montreal (Photos)

Good morning Montreal! It's a gorgeous day! Mural and F1 have begun! Everyone is out and about, including some celebrities!

Our city is increasingly becoming a hub for the entertainment industry and celebrity spottings have become more freqeunt. Montreal's world-renowned festivals also draw the rich and famous.

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Jared Leto is in town and was spotted taking pics with passerbys in the Old Port. Last week, Snoop Dog came to Montreal to attend the C2 conference.

And today, I can giddily report that the smouldering hearthrod Josh Hartnett has graced us with his presence (~swoon~).

That's right. The actor is in town to shoot a film titled Gut Instinct.

Today he is right in front of McGill University. Here's the photo to prove it:

To all you #JoshHartnett fans: Josh is filming a scene in front of @McGillU now. #Montreal

May 31, 2018

Keen eyes will recognize this street front as the Fujitsu buildong on Sherbrooke across from McGill's Mclennan Library.

Also in the upcoming film are actors Jim Gaffigan and Stephen McHattie, according to Imdb.

Fans will best remember Hartnett from the television series Cracker and the 2001 film Pearl Harbor.

Keep your eyes peeled for the dozens of celebrities undoubtedly visiting the city this summer. You never know when a fellow pedestrian could actually be a favourite star behind their large sun glasses.


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