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June Brings Winter Snow Back To This Canadian Province (Photos)

What is summer?
June Brings Winter Snow Back To This Canadian Province (Photos)

Okay, it's Monday morning. It's gross, and wet, and gloomy outside in Montreal. 

Seriously, it was like 5 degrees when I left the house today. What gives, Mother Nature? I thought we talked about this. I thought summer was here. 

While I know some of you are probably kicking rocks that this crap weather didn't throw a wrench into the bike tours over the weekend (I know how much you guys hate on Go Bike MTL)... but, all things considered, we should be thankful! 

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At least in Montreal, all we're seeing right now is rain. In Newfoundland, I bet they're wishing it was just raining this morning.

Overnight, Newfoundland got slammed with another winter storm, bringing in a fresh dusting of snow to the Canadian province. 

Last month, Newfoundland was hit with a May storm, and over this weekend (in June!), they got more! 

Areas around Gander and St. Johns hit low temperatures of -1 degrees this weekend, with a wind chill bringing the average down to -7! 

Softball games and outdoor activities were canceled as locals bundled up in their winter coats and toques just to take their dogs out to walk. 

The response on social media has been comical from our viewpoint - but my heart goes out to the Newfies! 

All you need to do is look up the hashtag #nlwx and you'll be feeling grateful for the rain this morning. 

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Currently, in Newfoundland, it is +2 degrees and it looks as though it is expected to warm up a tad bit this week. Though with that said, over the next week their highest temperature is 14 degrees. 

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Still, no more snow expected, at least. Fingers crossed it stays that way for all you Newfies out there, and summer comes soon! 

Last week I wrote about The Weather Network's Canada-wide June forecast, and a cold air front is expected to sweep across Canada with some provinces possibly receiving snow. 

Stay warm, guys. Summer is coming! I think. 

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