Just How Montreal Mile-End Are You? This Photographer Has Prepared A Visual Test For You

Photo cred – LOKI Design

How soon before these Mile End visual treasures fall victim to a greedy developer's wrecking ball? That’s what we kept thinking while peering through the lens of Montreal graphic designer Kevin Lo's Mile End Type photo series, a rich visual feast that captures our hipster Mecca’s evolving face. You can enjoy many more of these photos on LOKI Design’s site.

We barely recognize half the signs on these well-worn storefronts, though we are acquainted with quite a few. Can you help us out in the comments?

Could this stand for Compact Flash? Or Cold Fusion? Or Canadian Forces? Someone help us out!

Nova: Latin for "new." Which this sign once was.

Whenever we see this sign while looking for bike parking, we want to rage.

There are still people out there who don't buy all their rugs from IKEA.

Beautiful brickwork is a recurring feature in Mile End. Do you know where this is?

This iconic Mile End water tower will always have a special place in our hearts.

Mile End is chock full of run-down apartment buildings with beautiful stained glass.

If you know why manhole covers are round, you might be eligible to work at Google. But don't take our word for it.

Helping Mile End's needy since 1991, at the corner of Bernard & St-Urbain.

This is where you want to get your keys cut in Mile End.

Whenever we walk past this, we can't stop giggling at this elephant's silly vacuum trunk.

Totally stumped here.

Where is this place?

Mile End's bagel champion.

The choice sub spot in northern of Mile End.

Boulangerie Adriatica: hit it up!

Would you service your Porsche 911 at this shop?

Another mom & pop institution, run by legendary Mile End jeweller Moïse Rothschild since 1980.

Hipsters of Mile End Unite!

Walking into this mom & pop Parc Avenue electronics shop is like stepping into a time machine.