Breaking news Montreal: Justin Bieber has been arrested for a DUI and drag racing. Yeah, you may not care about the Bibes too much (which I applaud you for) but it looks like the little punk has struck again.

Early this morning Bieber was busted in Miami for driving drunk in a residential a Lamborghini, with a model in the passenger seat! Another two strikes Bieber: don't fuck with Lambos and the safety of women.

The thing is, Bieber is known for being entirely ridiculous, maybe not on this level of danger, but usually on par with this amount of stupidity. Here's a celebrity who already got in shit for egging a neighbors house (like a 7 year old), has nearly been arrested for being obvious about smoking pot, said Anne Frank would be a fan of his, can't stop wearing tank tops, and would even go so far as to retweet this gem of craziness:

Just because you're album didn't do so hot Biebs doens't mean you need to get all teen angsty and pull shit to get attention. Stop thinking you're the shit and get your own shit together.

Oh, and you don't have abs, you're just grossly skinny.