Justin Bieber Is Moving Back To Canada With Hailey Baldwin

He wants to make it his full time home.
Justin Bieber Is Moving Back To Canada With Hailey Baldwin

Canadian actors and musicians usually go from living in their homeland to the US. Take the famous A-listers, like Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, both of whom are Canadian and both of whom have famous A-list partners. 

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These guys live with their leading ladies in the US, probably because of their work or maybe because their ladies wanted to stay in the states. 

Regardless, it's not uncommon for Canadian musicians or actors to move to the US and even stay there. 

Justin Bieber on the other hand is doing the opposite.

Most of us know that he only has eyes for Hailey, with their recent engagement being splattered over all tabloids recently. 

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JB now wants to bring his American lady over with him to his homeland. 

His reason? Apparently he's tired of both the NYC and L.A. scene, and of course the paparazzi that comes with the territory. He clearly wants some peace and quiet. 

If you haven't heard, he already bought a $5 million mansion in Cambridge Ontario, equipped with a wine room, private access to the lake and an equestrian facility. 

Hailey has already made a visit to Canada with her fiance, probably to visit their new mansion and see his family before the wedding. 

So it's no wonder that Bieber is taking his stunning fiance with him back to Canada, but the question is will she stay? 

Only time will tell.