Justin Bieber Just Got A Face Tattoo (Photo)

Face tatts aren't just for rappers and convicts anymore...
Justin Bieber Just Got A Face Tattoo (Photo)

Well, we've done it. We've entered 2019 and apparently, that means face tattoos have entered the realm of acceptability. 

Face tattoos aren't just for criminals and hardened rappers anymore. Nope, apparently, even Justin Bieber has joined the ranks of Lil John and Post Malone and has gone ahead and got a tattoo on his face.

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TL;DR Justin Bieber just got a new tattoo... and it's on his face. Scroll down to see the new ink below.

I can't imagine how the sweet Beliebers are reacting right now.

While the tattoo is "tasteful," in the grand scheme of face tattoos, it's hard to get behind even the simple script that he has inked across his forehead.

We all know Justin has put a lot of stock in his spirituality and faith in the last couple of years, a move that certainly contributed to his settling down in the recent past.

So the simple cursive tattoo that says, "grace," makes a lot of sense.

I wonder if wifey Hailey Baldwin Bieber is going to get a matching piece?

Whatever the reason for the piece, we can't help but wonder how you can commit to anything being permanently featured on your face.

The tattoo artist,@jonboytatoo, has done tattoos for athletes and musicians, alike, including Harry Hudson, below.

Bieber himself got his first tattoo when he was sixteen and hasn't slowed down with the ink obsession since then.

He has got two complete sleeves, meaning both of his arms are almost entirely covered in different tattoos, including the word "BELIEVE," a rose, a compass, and the Banksy drawing of the girl with the balloon.

Bieber also has several tattoos on his legs, including the simple script, "Better at 70," as well as a portrait of Jesus and praying hands.

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We really hope he doesn't regret this... but he's in the line of business where no one will say anything if he resorts to make-up...


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