It's Official, Justin Trudeau Is Giving Montreal More Metro Stations

Public transit in Montreal is set to become far more reliable and efficient in the next few years, largely thanks to the federal government, led by none other than the infamous Justin Trudeau who has promised two rounds of funding for the city's bus and metro networks.

Announced by Trudeau yesterday at the STM garage, the Canadian government is giving Montreal a full $775 million to spend on public transit in an initial investment. The funding is meant to be spent on general maintenance and minor improvements to the city's transit networks, notes CTV Montreal.

But while having more cash to spend on repairing buses (something the STM sorely needs) and metro stations, the "second phase" of the federal transit investment has us far more excited.

Beginning in 2018, Trudeau has gone on the record to state that Montreal will receive billions in funding in order to complete major public transit projects like a light rail line on the Champlain bridge and the extension of the Blue Line.

Trudeau was certain to point out, however, that Canada is all for funding public transit projects in cities, but how the money is spent and used falls on the city itself.

Basically, it sounds like Justin is saying "look, I'll spot you guys some cash, but if you spend it all on video games and not on that new computer you need, that's your problem." Fortunately, Montreal is a tad bit more mature than a 13-year-old, and we like to think the city will invest the money wisely.

So while we're a couple of years away from 2018, major changes to Montreal's public transit network will come about. First we just need to make sure all the stuff we already have is in working order.

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