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14 Things Justin Trudeau Has Done Right So Far As Prime Minister

Keeping tabs on Trudeau.
14 Things Justin Trudeau Has Done Right So Far As Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau is the picture-perfect Prime Minister Canada didn't even know it needed. Seriously, J-Tru (as I affectionately refer to him as;make it a thing, people) has made, and continues to make Canada look better than ever.

But beyond his public persona, is our Justin/Canada's media darling everything he made himself out to be? During his campaign, Justin promised "real change," but has he made good on that platform? Has Justin changed Canada in any way for the better, other than making us look amazing in contrast to our southern neighbours?

Lets take a look and find out.

Using TrudeauMetre, a fantastic website that has been tracking all of the promises the current government has made since Trudeau took office, we've assembled what has actually been accomplished by Canada's current Cabinet.

In total, 217 proposed undertakings were outlined by the current government, and in the 127 days since Trudeau took office, 167 have yet to be tackled. That's quite a large number, but that isn't to say the Prime Minister has been sitting idly.

32 promises are currently "in progress," whereas four were broken (the number of Syrian refugees to be resettled in Canada by the end of 2015, budget deficits, the implementation of imported gun marking regulations, and neutral revenue on recent tax changes).

If you're capable of basic math, then you know that leaves 14 promises made by the Trudeau government that have actually been kept. We're certain this number will grow as Trudeau's number of days in office increases, but as for now, here they are:

Lower taxes on the middle class to 20.5%.

Put a stop to all Canadian airstrikes on ISIS targets (aka Operation IMPACT).

Creation of a new tax bracket for those who earn over $200,000, at a rate of 33%.

More leave time to those who need to access Canada's Compassion Care Benefit to care for sick family members.

Contributing $100 million to the UN High Commission of Refugees in order to aid the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Canada.

Reintroduction of the Interim Federal Health Program, thus endowing refugees with some health care benefits.

Revoking the previous governments decision to not allow a refugee's right to appeal their status when coming from Designated Countries of Origin.

Doubling the amount of immigrant application for parents and grandparents to 10,000, in order to foster family reunification.

Creating a national public inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.

Continue to support NATO Operations UNIFIER (supporting Ukrainian military forces) and REASSURANCE (military assistance in Central and Eastern Europe)

The removal of any regulation that would not allow a government scientist to speak openly of their work to the media

Installation of the Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments (or just "Advisory Board) that will advise the PM on Senate nominations.

Making long-form census mandatory in Canada once again to provide "high quality data" for the nation

Gender equality in the Cabinet of Canada ("because it's 2015").

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