It's an age old problem people have been having for years.

When you're 18, you have all this freedom and no money to spend, and when you finally start making money, you can't seem to find any free time.

But imagine that on the day you turned 18 the government gave you $500 for you to spend exclusively on cultural activities.

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Well that's exactly what the Italian government is doing. As of September 15th, every 18 year old citizen will receive 500€, which is about $730 CDN to spend on museums, art galleries, concerts, trips to national parks and books. 

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The point of this is to ensure that young Italians are made aware of their heritage and culture. According to the Italian prime minister, this is extremely important because "culture will beat ignorance".

The funds can be claimed using an app, and the teens have a whole year to spend the cash.

Now, I know what most Montrealers would be thinking if we dared to suggest that this should happen here: "But what about the roads?"

We say that every time someone mentions money, but forget about the roads for a second, it's not like this city can handle any more construction right now anyways.

And the best part of this project is that the money isn't wasted or put in a bank account, it's almost immediately poured back into the economy. Think about it, all those places where the money will be spent are owned by the government, so it's a win-win

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It's really not that crazy of an idea, back in March the Trudeau government decided to implement a new project called basic income.

The idea is to send a monthly allowance to every citizen, enough to cover all the basic necessities of life such as rent, utilities, food, transport and clothing.

So if we have money set aside for that (and who knows how much that will end up costing) then we can definitely find some money to help you children care more about Montreal and Canada's culture and heritage.

What do you think of this idea?

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