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Justin Trudeau's Family Was Spotted On A Random Billboard In The U.S.

This was probably unintentional.
Justin Trudeau's Family Was Spotted On A Random Billboard In The U.S.

A photo of a billboard spotted in the U.S. state of Kentucky was recently posted by a Reddit user in the r/Canada sub-Reddit.  The poster is an advertisement for Mammoth Cave Canoe and Kayak an adventure tourism company, but oddly enough, features a photo of our very own Prime Minister Trudeau and his family. 

The Reddit post has quickly received a ton of upvotes and comments, Canadians are baffled by the fact that a photo of the PM was found in such a random and rural part of the U.S.

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TL;DR A billboard of a canoe touring company featuring a photo of the Trudeau family was spotted in the U.S. state of Kentucky and recently uploaded to Reddit. Reddit users are speculating that the photo was probably found with a generic Google search, and the fact that it's the Canadian PM is totally unintentional.

Via reddit

Most Reddit users are assuming this was an accident. In other words, no Kentuckians actually know this is Trudeau.

Via reddit

They are probably right. Even if you're average Canadians drove or walked passed the billboard, you might not immediately noticed that it's Trudeau. You would just see a generic happy family on a canoe poster.

Some Reddit users eve mention that if you Google for a similar image, other photos of Trudeaus family canoeing will pop up.

Via reddit

Via reddit

In the end, it appears as though these Reddit users are probably right. The photo was chosen - not because it's the Canadians Prime Minister, but because the Trudeau family is just so happy and wholesome looking.

The Trudeau's really are the perfect spokespeople for a canoe touring company.  

You can check out the entire Reddit thread here!

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