Justin Trudeau Is Donating $800 Million To Cure Aids

Few diseases in the modern world are quite as devastating as HIV/AIDS. Resulting in 1.2 million deaths in 2014, and 39 million deaths worldwide, HIV/AIDS has remained a global issue since its discovery in the early 1980s.

But more than ever before, Canada is primed to take a major role in ending the issue of AIDS, and other deadly diseases altogether.

Pledged by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada will be donating a full $785 million in AIDS research and prevention from 2017 to 2019. The funds will work towards saving 8 million lives and preventing 300 million new infections, as stated in a news release sent out by the Prime Minister yesterday.

Justin Trudeau also announced Canada will play host to the Fifth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria right here in Montreal. The conference will be held on September 16th of 2016 and will focus on finding cures for AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria by 2030.

The Prime Minster had this to say regarding the nation's new commitment to fighting AIDS:

”This is an historic opportunity for Canada and the world. By fast-tracking investments and building global solidarity, we can bring an end to three devastating epidemics – AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria – that have tragic and far-reaching impacts on the world’s most vulnerable people.”

An Instagram video was also released by Justin Trudeau's Instagram account highlighting Canada's role in treating AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Check it out below.

Big news: Canada & the @GlobalFund will host health leaders from around the world this summer in the fight against AIDS, TB & Malaria. Canada is boosting its pledge to the Global Fund through 2019 - with money that will help save an additional 8 million lives. Preventable, curable disease still kills millions around the world. It’s time to #EndItForGood. Details: bit.ly/1TzPxDF

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For more info, head to the Prime Minster's news release here.

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