Justin Trudeau Has His Own Beer You Can Get Drunk On

Take a big ol' sip of Justin.
Justin Trudeau Has His Own Beer You Can Get Drunk On

Justin Trudeau isn’t just Canada’s beloved-by-the-entire-world Prime Minister. Trudeau is also a beer, apparently. 

A Ukraine-based brewery, Pravda, decided to immortalize Justin Trudeau with a special line of beer dedicated to Canada’s Prime Minister. 

Aptly named “Trudeau,” the beer is a magnum IPA that features a label quintessentially Canadian. By which we mean it has Trudeau wearing colourful socks next to an RCMP beaver. 

Trudeau isn’t the only politician honoured on the beer’s label. 

Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, who is of Ukranian descent, and Harjit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence, flank Trudeau. Freeland was chosen for her advocacy towards Ukrainian interests, Saijan as a representative of diversity within Trudeau’s cabinet. 

Fidel Castro is also on there, if only because he was a notorious friend of the Trudeau family. 

The beer’s label described Trudeau as a “kind of sex symbol,” who is “known for his sympathy,” “coloured” socks,” and “marijuana.” Sounds about right. 

Trudeau’s support of women’s rights, queer peoples, and Ukraine against Russia (a major reason why this Ukrainian brewery is launching the Trudeau-tastic beer) are also mentioned. 

Part of Pravda’s “political series,” other politicians to get their own brew include Vladimir Putin and Barrack Obama, reports the BBC.

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