Justin Trudeau Is Giving Montreal 5 All-New Metro Stations

This is why you elected him Prime Minister of Canada.
Justin Trudeau Is Giving Montreal 5 All-New Metro Stations

Justin Trudeau already set aside $1.2 billion so that Montreal could improve the public transit system and upgrade the drinking water and sewage systems.

But that's just phase 1 of the special improvement projects coming to Montreal.

Denis Coderreis more excited about something else the Prime Minister mentioned.

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Trudeau said that in the next few months Phase 2 of the special project will begin.

Phase 2 is the part of the project people are most excited about because it includes two of the most anticipated projects in recent history.

The blue line extension


The new light-rail transit system

The blue line extension project will connect the Blue Line to Anjou, with stations stations set up near boulevards Pie-IX, Viau, Lacordaire, Langelier, and Galeries d’Anjou.

As for the new light rail system, 24 train stations will be built in total during the first phase of the project. They will link the airport to the downtown core, the West-Island, the South Shore and Deux-Montagnes.

The projects are going to cost more than $7 billion. And so far everything is moving forward, we just have to wait a few months for the funding to arrive.

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