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Justin Trudeau Is Giving Over $1,000,000 To English-Speaking Quebecers

Helping language minorities in province.
Justin Trudeau Is Giving Over $1,000,000 To English-Speaking Quebecers

In order to help out language minorities across the country, Canada's federal government (or Justin Trudeau, as we equate the two as the same thing, only the latter is far nicer to mentally envisage) is launching a new funding initiative, and Anglophones in Quebec will seriously benefit.

Dubbed the national Community Innovation Fund, the federal funding will specifically finance the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) to create a program geared towards helping "Official Language Minority Communities" in Quebec, reports the Gazette.

In total, $1.4 million will go towards creating a new program that will aid English-speaking minority communities in Quebec. The QCGN will coordinate the creation of this program and allocate funds accordingly.

But the federal government isn't simply giving this money to Quebec anglophone groups. The QCGN will need to find a private-sector sponsor, and for every $2 funded by them, the federal government will provide $1.

Basically, it's one-third funding from the government, and in total, the new program to help Anglophones in Quebec could receive $3 million in total financial support.

There's been no official statement from the QCGN on what the new program will be and how it will help English-speakers in Quebec, but a couple of ideas have been floated around. Language courses may be set up for specific industries, thus increasing the number of bilingual workers, or yoga sessions may be held for seniors.

First, though, the QCGN will need to find their private sector funding partner, and their interests will no doubt determine the scope and goal of the new program. For more on the new funding initiative, head to the official Government of Canada press release here.

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