Trudeau In Ethics Scandal Following Luxury Vacation

The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner has ruled that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke ethics rules in 2016.

For Christmas that year, the Prime Minister and his family visited the Aga Khan's private island at the Bahamas.

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Ethics Watchdog, Mary Dawson, who has been investigating the Prime Minister's trip has ruled that the Prime Minister violated the ethics code in four ways.

To begin with, he failed to arrange his private affairs in a way that there wouldn't be any conflicts of interest. 

Accepting an invitation, and accommodations on the private island, from someone who is registered to lobby his office.

Travelling on a non-commercial aircraft, chartered by the Aga Khan.

Not recusing himself from discussions that had the potential to further the Aga Khan's interests.

The commissioner stated that Trudeau and his family vacationed at the private island twice. The first of these trips was in December 2014, and the second in December 2016.

Members of his family also accepted an invitation for March 2016.

The entire report is available here.