Justin Trudeau Is Related To One Of The Habs!

Two of our favourite leaders share common blood.
Justin Trudeau Is Related To One Of The Habs!

If you don't like Trudeau but happen to be a huge Habs fan (you're in Montreal, so that's a given) then you may have a new reason to take more of a liking to Canada's Prime Minister.

Get this: Trudeau is related to Max Pacioretty, the beloved captain of the Montreal Canadiens.

According to Stephen White, a genealogist from the University of Moncton who spoke to CBC, Pacioretty and Trudeau are ninth cousins, with their distant relation dating back to the 1700s.

Way back in the day, there were two brothers, Francois and Jean-Baptiste Savoie, who after brief stints in the Maritimes, and then the United States, the two made their home in Quebec City in 1756 and 1757.

At some point, the brothers married and had some babies. Jean-Baptiste Savoie is supposedly the forefather of Pacioretty, while Trudeau's ancestors are descendants of François Savoie's wife, Margaret Thibodeau.

There is definitely some room for error in this genealogical link, but we're going to go ahead and take it as truth, if only for the fact that it's just plain cool to have a Prime Minister who is sorta-family with the captain of the Habs.