Justin Trudeau Marching At Vancouver Pride 2018 (Video)

First prime minister to walk the parade!
Justin Trudeau Marching At Vancouver Pride 2018 (Video)

Justin Trudeau spent the weekend participating in a tour of Canada's west coast. One of his first stops was Vancouver for pride weekend!

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The parade took place on Sunday, August 5th, and before the parade, Justin Trudeau spoke at a Pride Breakfast in Vancouver. 

According to a source, Trudeau made a speech in which he claimed that far too many homeless people are from the LGBT community and that there is a lot of work to do as a community to come together and support the community.

We can see in this video, that Trudeau's presence at the parade was very well received.  Thousands of people attended this year's Vancouver pride parade. 

Last year, Trudeau attended Toronto pride, known for being Canada's largest pride parade, and the public reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

Prime Minister Trudeau is actually the very first prime minister of Canada to march in a pride parade. Over the weekend, Justin Trudeau claimed that it's imperative to continue to march in pride parades.

It's wonderful to live in a country where our leader openly makes an effort to support the LGBT community.

Keep on marching Trudeau! We hope that this sets an example for the rest of the world's leaders as well.