Justin Trudeau To Be Named "World's Best" Politician

Like you're even surprised.
Justin Trudeau To Be Named "World's Best" Politician

Beyond Canada's borders Justin Trudeau is adored. 

Our Prime Minister is internationally loved so much, in fact, he was chosen as the guest-of-honour at a prominent international-affairs event to be held in New York next month. 

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Known as the Atlantic Council Global Citizen Awards, the yearly gala picks one prominent world leader as a "guest of honour." For the 2017 event, Montreal's very own Justin Trudeau was picked above all other politicians. 

Representatives for the annual event say the Prime Minister " will be recognized for his visionary leadership, support for open trade and borders, and respect for universal freedom and diversity."

In other words, the Atlantic Council Global Citizen Awards is saying Justin Trudeau is the world's best politician. At least for 2017. 

To be held on September 19th in New York City, the ritzy celebration brings together the cream of the world's political and economical crop. An American think-tank founded in 1961, the Atlantic Council's Global Citizens Awards is one of the organization's flagship events. 

"These awards are designed to spotlight the inspired leadership our complex world requires" says Brent Scowcroft, Atlantic Council interim chairman. 

Honoured guests are meant to represent the world's best when it comes to political, business, arts, and humanitarian leadership. Can't think of anyone else who encapsulates all that better than Trudeau. Well, certainly not Trump. 

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