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Justin Trudeau Will Make History As First Canadian PM To March In Montreal's Pride Parade

You won't want to miss this event in the city.
Justin Trudeau Will Make History As First Canadian PM To March In Montreal's Pride Parade

Justin Trudeau is no stranger to the Pride Parade as he has appeared in many of Montreal's ones before he was elected PM. However this past weekend, he made history by becoming the first ever Prime Minister to walk in the Pride Parade when he attended the celebration in Toronto.

This was a great move by Justin Trudeau and a great step for Canada, showing the world that we stand for equality, acceptance and love.

We contactedFierté Montréal / Montréal Pride and they assured us that the Prime Minister will definitely be attending Montreal's Pride Parade and making history yet again as he will be the first Canadian PM to march in it.

The 2016 Montreal LGBTA Parade will take place on Sunday August 14, 2016.

It starts at 1:00 pm on the corner of Saint-Mathieu Street and goes all the way to Sanguinet and the Village. After that,  everyone is invited to keep the party going at Place Émilie-Gamelin where there will be a closing show.

If you want to see all the pictures from Justin Trudeau at the Toronto Parade (Trust me, it's worth it. His face is priceless.), you can check them all out right here:

All The Pictures Of Justin Trudeau At Canada’s Largest Pride Parade In Toronto

For more information on Montreal Pride or if you would like to volunteer, check out their website here.

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