Justin Trudeau's First-Ever Trip To Japan As Prime Minister Of Canada

Japan is getting better acquainted with Canada this week, and no, it's not because Avril Lavigne finally released a follow-up single to Hello Kitty.

Our adored leader, Justin Trudeau, who's sheen has lost no lustre in the wake of Elbowgate, has been in the Land of the Rising Sun since Sunday, meeting with Japan's political and economic leaders.

Japan was once Canada's most important trading partner aside from the U.S., and Trudeau hopes his visit will reestablish that relationship.

Justin has already met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, where the two covered a range of topics, such as economic investment and security co-operation, notes CBC. Trudeau also met with executives from Honda, Toyota, and Subaru today, hoping to convince them to do more business with Canada.

Trudeau will remain in Japan for the rest of the week, as the Prime Minister will be attending the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Ise-Shima on Thursday and Friday.

To see how Trudeau is representing Canada in Japan, take a look at some of the photos below.

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