Renovations To Prime Minister's Residence Will Reportedly Cost $38,000,000

If someone told you that they spent $38 million on their house, you'd probably be wondering 2 things:

One, "holy shit, how rich is this person?!"

And two, "how amazing must a new $38 million dollar house be?"

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Well that's the problem. First, that person is not spending their own money, and second, that's not the price of the house, that's just the renovation.

According to reports, renovations to 24 Sussex Drive, the official residence of the Canadian prime minister, could cost $38 million.

The original estimate was $10 million, but the actual cost is nearly 4 times as much.

For that price, you can buy Canada's second most expensive home listed here.

Or you can buy the 2 most expensive homes in Montreal and still have a few million left to play with.

At least it's a lot less expensive than another plan that was floating around. This plan would have cost over $500 million and would have transformed the Prime Ministers' home into an extremely secure "White House like" building with a Bat-Cave.

Nope I'm not kidding, the plan was to build an underground command center, a lower catwalk, a marine evacuation program (whatever the hell that means) and an intrusion-detection system. But no Bat-Mobile.

As for the $38 million dollar renovation, it's not like the home of the Prime Minister is getting equipped with anything cool, most of the money will be spent for security features that will remain unseen for the most part.


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