Quebecois Employee In Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Office Being Investigated For "Inappropriate Behaviour"

Claude-Éric Gagné, the deputy director of operations at the Prime Minister’s Office is currently under investigation for a series of allegations made by multiple women of “inappropriate behaviour.”

A third-party investigation into the allegations has begun, and while the investigation continues, Gagné will be on-leave from his senior level position at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office.

First reports of the allegations against Gagné came from TVA, with the news organization citing several women who have accused Gagné of inappropriate behaviour.”

No details on exactly what has been alleged against Gagné have surfaced

TVA describes Gagné as “one of the most influential Quebeckers” in Justin Trudeau’s inner circle during the 2015 election campaign. 

Gagné was the chief organizer in Quebec during the election. 

“I am taking this situation seriously and I offered my full and complete co-operation to the investigator,” Gagné said in a statement to the Toronto Star

Gagné then said he will make no further comments on the matter.

The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement on the matter yesterday night, saying the allegations will be taken “extremely seriously.”