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Justin Trudeau's "Secret Island" Family Vacation In The Bahamas (10 Photos)

Yesterday, everyone started freaking out about Trudeau's "secret island vacation".

It turns out that the Prime Minister spent his Christmas break living it up on a private island in the Bahamas owned by the Aga Khan (the billionaire religious leader), and flying around in his private helicopter.

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The problem is that this might be a breach of government ethics rules. Especially considering The Aga Khan Foundation has received $310 million in foreign aid from Canadian taxpayers since 2004.

This morning, our inbox was filled with people asking us if we had any pictures of the vacation. At first I figured people wanted to see just how extravagant the vacation was, but I quickly realized they were just looking for pictures of Justin Trudeau without a shirt.

Well sadly, no pictures have surfaced of this vacations as of yet, but if it's pictures of Trudeau chilling on the beach you're looking for, we got you covered.

#Trudeau moves out of the way for a bride coming onto the beach to be married.

— Marnie Recker Photo (@marnierecker) August 6, 2016

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