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Kanye West Has A New Relationship Rule For Kim Kardashian

Take it 'yeezy', Kanye.
Kanye West Has A New Relationship Rule For Kim Kardashian

This morning, The Beat Of Montreal spoke about Kanye West's new ridiculous relationship rule. Kanye is already known for his control freak ways... Kim follows a bunch of rules ever since the two started dating like her wardrobe, hair and body shape. This new rule, however, takes their relationship to a whole new level.

Apparently, Kim attended Kanye's latest show in New York City and he caught her texting during his performance. It got him furious. He completely lost it on her and told her how "disrespectful it is to him as an artist".

As a result, the pregnant 34-year old reality star is now under strict instruction to “never let her gaze leave the stage” when her husband is performing. I wonder if she's allowed to take bathroom breaks during his performance...? Because that's what pregnant ladies do very often.

What do you think about having relationship rules? Let The Beat Of Montreal know here.

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