Katy Perry And Celine Dion Kissed At The Met Gala And It Was The Cutest Thing Ever (Video)
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There's no question, the Met Gala is a magical place where celebs who have many never met before have the chance to fawn over each other's talent and each other's costumes.

Which is exactly what happened last night when Celine Dion came across Katy Perry in her deliciously campy Hamburger costume.ย 

While I don't know if they had ever met before, this meeting was nothing short of the sweetest, cutest thing I've ever seen. Full video below.

You can even hear Katy Perry make one of her classic puns and call Celine, "Celine Dijon!"

Which explains very clearly why Celine was not trying to answer questions about a biopic, as if she's already dead, when she's at one of the most fashionable parties of the year, in the midst of one of the most fashionable times of her career and life.ย 

I could seriously watch this little smooch over and over again. They just look so sweet and supportive of each other!

The whole night really does seem like a huge fun party where celebs from a bunch of walks of life are given the opportunity to let their freak flag fly a little bit.

And honestly, I like celebs a lot more when they're flying their freak flag.

Like, Lizzo, for example... who fully wore her Met Gala outfit from the afterparty right to the airport this morning.

Now THAT's how you do a "walk of shame"... with zero shame whatsoever.ย