Keep Uber In Montreal Petition

They need your help.
Keep Uber In Montreal Petition

The government always likes to stick its nose where it doesn't belong. And this time they're turning their attention to Uber. Legislators will be gathering this fall to discuss Uber's legal status as a result of the pressure exerted by the taxi industry in Montreal.

Just to be clear, no one's complaining about Uber, except for the people who are in direct competition with them. I get that taxi drivers are pissed off, but being pissed off doesn't give you any legal recourse.

It sucks that taxis have to pay more and that Uber came along and made it possible for anyone to operate a cab. But complaining about it would be like IKEA complaining that an online furniture store doesn't have to pay rent for a showroom.

But just in case the taxi industry gets their way, we need you to make your voice heard. Uber is encouraging everyone to write to their MNAs and tell them why you think Uber should stay in Montreal.

For more information on how to contact your MNAs click here.

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