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Kevin Hart Spotted Talking About How Beautiful Canada is (VIDEO)

He's loving the Rockies, even if he's freezing!
Kevin Hart Spotted Talking About How Beautiful Canada is (VIDEO)

If you didn't already know, the cast of the upcoming Jumanji sequel is currently shooting in Alberta, Canada, somewhere up in the Rocky Mountains.

Last week, The Rock actuallyposted a video talking about how much he loves Canada and how Alberta was actually where he got his start professionally. 

Kevin Hartshared a video last week, too... mostly he was just complaining about the cold and... other bodily functions. 

This week, though, while the boys are still cold, Kevin Hart is singing a bit of a different tune. Take a look at the video below.

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TL;DR Kevin Hart posted a video recently, while he was filming up in the Canadian Rockies, that shows he is totally in awe of the Canadian wild - even if he is a little frozen.

While last week the cold seemed to be getting the better of Kevin Hart, this week he's managed to bundle up enough to find a little more eloquence.

And it seems that he is truly in awe of the beauty and majesty of the Canadian Rockies.

Whether you believe in God or not, it's easy to see why someone would feel at one with their maker in such stunning and naturally beautiful surroundings.

[rebelmouse-image 26893301 photo_credit="@therock via @kevinhart4real" expand=1 original_size="393x146"] @therock via @kevinhart4real

The Rock chimed in on the post with the comment above, and I honestly feel his hashtags could not be any more relatable. 

Those two seemingly oppositional hashtags really speak to the Canadian winter for me - it's like I'm grateful for the beauty of snow and the ability to partake in winter sports - but also #fuckthiscold... y'know?

While it looks like the comedian is back home now, based on his most recent Easter posts, it is clear he truly enjoyed and was inspired by his time in Canada.

And, honestly, who wouldn't be when you're on top of the world?!

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