Kevin O'Leary Wants To Make Canada Great Again

'Trudeau is going to elect ME, by screwing up a bit every day.'
Kevin O'Leary Wants To Make Canada Great Again

Lately, it seems like the whole country has been wondering about whether or not Kevin O'Leary (Yes, the guy from Shark Tank) will be running to become the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Some news outlets were so desperate to announce it, that they even used the fact that Mr. O'Leary was taking about it with some unnamed wealthy Canadians in Florida as evidence that he has officially made up his mind.

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But this morning Mr. Wonderful was on CJAD giving an interview, and from the way he's speaking, it seems pretty clear that he intends on becoming the next leader of the Conservative party.

He didn't originally plan to run, but he now believes the Conservatives are in disgrace and he has something better to offer.

O'Leary is confident he can defeat Trudeau for one simple reason:

Basically he wants to make this country better, and he has a few ideas on how to do it. Canada is unproductive right now, and the way to change that is not by treating the country like a business. The key is to ensure everyone has access to opportunities.

He wants to put together an all-star staff of great people, including a strong finance minister, as opposed to Trudeau who is surrounded by a "crowd of mediocrity".

When he was asked about whether or not he would change Quebec's language laws to encourage more business, he answered that he wants to stabilize Quebec's policies, not undermine them. And since things seem peaceful on the language front lately, he doesn't want to rock the boat.

O'Leary isn't certain exactly when he will join the race, he may take his time and enter later once more candidates have dropped out.

 After all, he's already recognizable and he has all the funds he needs to run, so he can afford to take his time.

Hopefully he isn't just teasing us.

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