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Kevin Spacey Is Coming To Montreal

The man the legend.
Kevin Spacey Is Coming To Montreal

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You've seen him in Se7ven, you've seen him in House of Cards, hell, you even saw him in K-Pax, and now you can see him in person, as the famed American actor Kevin Spacey is coming to Montreal to speak to you. Well, not to you specifically, but Mr. Spacey will be talking to all present at his special lecture at C2MTL in May 2015.

C2MTL, for those who don't know (like myself), is a three day conference that melds the world of commerce with the creative realm, seeking to galvanize the former with inspiration from the latter. A plethora of exhibitions, workshops, and special guest lectures are given throughout C2MTL, much like Mr. Spacey's.

Spacey's C2MTL talk will focus on the act of taking risks, both commercially and creatively, and the process of recognizing if "you're investing in a House of Cards or a house of cards." Business-minded folks can probably learn a lot from the Hollywood star and executive producer of House of Cards, and even if you don't care for commerce in the slightest, we have no doubt Spacey will give an engaging and entertaining lecture.

C2MTL 2015 will run from May 26th to 28th. No official date on Kevin Spacey's lecture has been set, but you can head over the official website and Facebook page for updates as they come along.

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