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KFC Will Pay If You Name Your Baby After Colonel Sanders

This is the mother of all marketing promotions, all puns intended.  You didn't read the title wrong; KFC is offering new parents $11,000 of college tuition if they name their baby Harland, after Colonel Sanders, of course.

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The promotion has a few "catches" though. First, your baby must be born in America on September 9th.  And yea, you have to name your baby "Harland" and prove it with the proper documents. The first person to enter and meet the requirements of the promotion - wins. 

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 I bet you must be wondering why in the world KFC would have this type of promotion. Well, it's being held in honor of founder Sanders’ 128th birthday who was apparently would not happy to know that his name "Harland" ranks only 3,257 among the most common baby names in America. And they are offering $11,000 because of KFC's 11 signature chicken herbs and spices.

It’s a great name for your baby. Just say it out loud. Harland. Plus, your greatly named kid could get $11,000 for college.

August 29, 2018

The promotion has already gotten a ton of media coverage in the U.S.  Naturally, it's not very often that we see a big corporate promotion of this nature.

People are also making hilarious Twitter comments saying that they have bills to pay and they will gladly change their name for $11,000.  The things that people will do for money are insane, KFC definitely pushed the bar on this one. Maybe other fast food chains will follow in their footsteps soon. 


Note contest is only open to residents of the United States. 

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