Killer Whale Was Spotted In Canada Grieving for Her Baby

A grieving mother killer whale has been spotted off the West Coast of Canada carrying her dead babies' carcass for almost 2-weeks now. 

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The Calf was born in late July but died soon after, and the mother Orca has been pushing around its body ever since. 

According to a source, this type of behavior is unprecedented for an Orca.  Although it's common to see mourning behavior, it's uncommon to see a mother carry a body for that long; the mother has already pushed the babies' body for over 1000 miles.

The newborn's death is of more significant concern to the rapidly depleting population of killer whales in the area.  There are only 75 left with no successful births in 3-years!

Also, concerns for the mother's health have been raised, as researchers have observed her to look emaciated and possibly suffering from an infection.

Researchers are going to attempt to treat her with antibiotics; something that has never been done to a killer whale in the wild.

It will prove difficult, as they need perfect weather to be able to approach the whale and administer her treatment. 

There will definitely be more news to come on the progress of this mother Orca's condition.


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