Kit Harington & Céline Dion Spotted Partying Together In Montreal

The king and queen in the north!
Kit Harington & Céline Dion Spotted Partying Together In Montreal

A few days ago the entire city freaked out when Céline Dion made a surprise visit to Schwartz's deli.

These unsuspecting fans were just grabbing some lunch when they found themselves in the right place at the right time.

They got to meet the pop diva, pose for photos and they even got her to sign some autographs.

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That may have been awesome, but it wasn't as epic as what happened before that.

The unofficial Queen in the North met up with none other than the King in the North himself.

That's right Kit Harington who of course is in town for the filming of The Death And Life of John F. Donovan got to meet up with Céline.

Kit photographed with Celine Dion in Montreal earlier this month. Credit;

— Kit Harington Online (@kitharingtoncom) August 18, 2016

I can only assume that they got together to dethrone Beyonce and Jay-Z as the most powerful couple ever.

If anyone can do it, these two can.

But in all seriousness, they met during Céline's concert in Montreal, which is awesome because you can just imagine Kit hanging out with his friend like:

-Hey Kit, what do you wanna do tonight?

-Fuck it, let's got the Céline concert.

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